Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic

At King’s Medical Centre, we understand that planning an international trip involves careful preparation, especially when it comes to your health and safety. Our Travel Clinic is here to help you protect yourself from preventable diseases while traveling abroad.

Travel Advice

Our experienced health experts and doctors offer personalized travel advice tailored to your destination and individual health needs. We provide up-to-date information on recommended vaccines, medications, and protective measures for various regions around the world. Trust us to help you navigate any travel health concerns with confidence.

Travel Vaccines

Our Travel Clinic offers a wide range of travel vaccines to safeguard you against common and uncommon diseases found in different parts of the world:

Travel Vaccines

Are you planning a holy journey of Hajj or Umrah? When you plan your trip, make sure to check that you have all the required/recommended vaccinations for Saudi Arabia. Travellers are required to present a valid certificate of vaccination for meningitis ACWY Vaccine administered at least 10 days before arriving in Saudi Arabia. We offer the meningitis ACWY vaccination and certificate at our clinic in central London.

  • Book your appointment by phone or online
  • Get your vaccine at the pharmacy
  • Receive the certificate of vaccine administration

We understand that everyone’s travel plans and vaccination needs are unique. Our healthcare professionals will work with you to determine the appropriate vaccines based on your destination, length of stay, age, health condition, and previous immunization history.

Travel Medicines

In addition to vaccines, we also provide a range of travel medicines and prescription medications to help prevent or alleviate travel-related illnesses. Our healthcare professionals will assess your needs and recommend appropriate treatments for conditions such as malaria, altitude sickness, motion sickness, and travelers’ diarrhea.

At King’s Medical Centre, we believe that a safe and enjoyable travel experience starts with proper planning and the right health preparations. Trust our team of dedicated healthcare professionals to help you stay healthy during your travels.