Instructions for Antigen test

Follow our guide to take your rapid antigen test. For more detailed instructions, please see the manufacturer’s instructions contained within your kit.


  • You’ll need about 30 minutes to complete this procedure and will need a way to take a digital picture of your test (e.g. with a smartphone camera).
  • You’ll also need your passport (or ID document) and a ballpoint pen.
  • Make sure you have your test cassette, tube containing buffer liquid and sterile swab.

Step 1

  • Remove the foil lid from the top of the tube.

Step 2

  • Take your test cassette out of the foil packet.
  • Use a ballpoint pen to clearly write your kit ID on the side of your test cassette, or show your kit ID number beside the cassette.
  • Your kit ID can be found on the sticker applied to the kit packet.

Step 3

  • Open the swab packet where indicated and pull out by the plastic end. Don’t touch the absorbent tip.

Step 4

  • Gently insert the absorbent tip of the swab into one nostril ensuring that the entire tip is inside your nostril (about 2cm).
  • Roll the swab at least 5 times around the inside of your nostril.
  • Remove the swab from your nostril and repeat the swabbing process on your other nostril.
  • Remove the swab from your nostril and repeat the swabbing process on your other nostril.

Step 5

  • Place the tip of the swab into the tube containing buffer.
  • Mix well by swirling the swab inside the tube of liquid for 30 seconds.
  • Rotate the swab 5 times while squeezing it through the tube.

Step 6

  • Remove the swab from the liquid and squeeze it firmly several times through the tube to squeeze out as much fluid as possible.
  • Firmly place the lid on the tube and remove the small rubber tip.

Step 7

  • Add 4 drops of fluid to the sample well of your cassette by squeezing the tube gently.
  • Start a timer (e.g. on your phone) and wait 15 minutes.

Step 8

  • After 15 minutes you can interpret your result
  • Positive‘C’ and ‘T’ lines are both present. Even if the ‘T’ line is very faint it’s still a positive test as long as there’s a ‘C’ line as well.
  • Negative: A ‘C’ line but no ‘T’ line.
  • Invalid: No ‘C’ line visible. This is rare but it can happen and you’ll need to re-test.

Step 9

  • Place your completed and labelled test cassette next to your passport or ID document, opened at the page with your personal details, as shown in the example above.
  • please write your unique test booking reference number and make sure it is captured when you take a photo of your test kit.
  • Take a photo of the cassette and passport / ID document.


please make sure that the uploaded test result is clearly visible. We do not accept any test result if they are not clear. This will result in your test being rejected and a delay in providing test certificate.